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A decade of work. Dozens of awards. Hundreds of publications. Millions of views. The word is out.

Atomic Productions is the narrative work of Ben & Andrew Adams. We create complex, award-winning, visually-arresting narratives that tell meaningful stories about broken people, healing wounds, moral decisions, regret and redemption, and the bonds of family and friendship that hold us all together.

We believe in working with trusted collaborators, family, and friends that bring sincerity, conviction, and authenticity to the stories we tell

and seeking-out new voices that help us produce high-quality, memorable work as a group.

Feel free to check out a small sampling of our collection of projects below.

Fade To Black
Thunder & Ash
Fade To Grey
The Splinter Cell - Trailer
Summer '99
Helium Balloons
Reckoning - Trailer
Double Negative
The Splinter Cell
Atomic Demo Reel
The Splinter Cell: Part 2
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